About Our Company

Leading Construction Contractors UK

Anami Construction is renowned as the leading construction company offering best in class full packages on jobs with Labourer, plant and materials along with the best labour supply. Anami Construction is dedicated to delivering specialist labour services to the UK construction industry, with an absolute commitment to providing the best solutions and adept resources to push your project towards completion.

We also provide you with the right workforce resources and capabilities to complement your on-site teams. And we have a deep dedication to matching you with only the best trained, health and safety compliant workers. Also, with a deep labour pool and robust in-house training, we provide the labour-only and other construction resources you need for a professional, expert service.

Our Process

At Anami Construction, we believe that our hiring success is thanks to the skill and expertise of our managers and consultants. We believe that we are able to fill labour and trade jobs throughout the country while making sure that we have the necessary knowledge about the local market. We have built our reputation within the construction market by offering qualified leads throughout the country.

Our induction team is responsible for the vetting of our staff. This means ensuring that our staff is compliant with health & safety through alcohol and drug testing methods, and also making sure that they are allowed to work here through immigration and employment legislation. Our specialized in-house training teams ensures that all new members are going to work effectively and safely once they get started. Our rigorous vetting process goes through the following:

1. Looking at online applications
2. Reviewing the CVs 
3. Going through phone interviews with qualified candidates doing the in-depth compliance checks 
4. Speaking to references about previous performances


Our Team

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